How To Research Any Crypto Project And Find What Your Looking For

In this article we will be discussing the exact process that helps me produce excellent research reports that have been thoroughly appraised by a multitude of Billion-Dollar Projects and Venture Capital firms.

This article will be split into two. The first component will be focused on gathering useful resources, whilst the second part will revolve around the analysis of the aforementioned resources.

The Secret Method

  • A Short Summary — Highlights + Risks/Concerns
  • The Problem It Solves — Reference everything back to the present
  • The Solution It Provides — Include the unique components of how the problem is solved
  • The Architecture — Think how it plans to role out its’ solution via technology?
  • The Use Cases — The solution helps to do “what” exactly
  • The Applications — Has there been anything produced already?
  • Market Potential — Look at industry aggregates (total industry market cap)/Competitors etc
  • Tokenomics — Supply/Staking/Utility
  • Exchange Listings
  • Roadmap
  • Price History
  • Team — Core founding members and working team
  • Strategic Partners — Investors/Projects partnered
  • Social Media Platforms — Where content is posted and community is engaged
  • Your thoughts (Yes! Write them down)

4. Create a folder. Create a new file involving the research already produced. Add this to the folder.

5. Go to the social media platforms. Should you have any outstanding questions, make an effort to message developers/founders/ambassadors.

Why It Works

Starting off with basic metrics is useful in order to not confuse the project with a similar name but a different ticker. A ticker is what is used when purchasing on exchanges- so is important to know. Also, metrics such as Market Cap and Circulating Supply are available from these websites which is a base for you to compare it with competitors later.

Reading a blog/twitter, such as here on Medium is useful in gaining a preliminary understanding of the “Real World” use cases. Often, content on these platforms are broken down more simply than what you might read in a Whitepaper, for instance.

Gathering a list of resources is important to organise research in an effective, efficient manner. I have found that it can save me anywhere up to 2 hours in the production of the report.

The framework I use to research is rather self-explanatory. The depth of research you choose to go into is up to you. This is simply a model for extracting and focusing your information as specifically as possible. As you are well aware, most projects have their separate way of presenting information. The framework is there to guide you in all potential scenarios.

Adding your reports to a folder is useful. As humans we often forget crucial points of information by natural error. To avoid such a mistake, I like to look at it in this way. You will know most about the project- directly after researching it. Make use of this, so save it. Then, when thinking about exiting a spot position, you can refer back to key elements of your report and use this to make a well-informed decision.

You miss 100% of the chances you don’t take. By messaging and presenting possible concerns to more knowledgeable members of the community, whilst accounting for potential biases. Therefore this hopefully will ease any potential concerns that you may have. This is of upmost importance and shouldn’t be disregarded. At the end of the day, it is your money being invested and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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